S-GEAR is available in two licensing schemes, machine-locked and iLok USB key software licenses.  Both schemes allow two simultaneous license activations and both schemes offer a free 15 day trial period.

If you are not sure which scheme will suit you best, the following advice may help:

Machine Locked License

S-GEAR machine-locked licensing offers a convenient solution that doesn't require any USB device and is ideal if you want to get up and running with minimum fuss.

Machine Locked - Advantages

- No USB dongle required.

- Ability to activate and deactivate machines via online and offline processes.

Machine Locked - Disadvantages

- Machine failure can result in loss of activation requiring support intervention.

- Offline activations require manual Request and Response code generation which may take around 24 hours.

- Licensee must ensure that machines are deactivated before carrying out maintenance or disposing of machines.

iLok USB Key

ilok key
The iLok is a small USB device that holds licenses for iLok-enabled software. When you run iLok-enabled software, it looks for the software license on your attached iLok. Software activations stay on the USB key not on the computer, so you can take your licenses with you wherever you go. For more information visit www.ilok.com.

iLok  - Advantages

- The iLok USB key allows easy license portability between machines.

- Avoid downtime due to loss of activation after a machine failure.

- The iLok License Manager software provides a convenient way to store and manage your valuable software assets.

iLok - Disadvantages

- Purchase of an iLok2 or iLok3 USB key is necessary.

- A USB port on your machine will be occupied by the iLok key.