Information for existing S-Gear customers updating to v2.9

Existing S-Gear customers are entitled to a free or discounted upgrade.
(v2.9 customers can upgrade to S-Gear v3.0 free of charge!)

S-Gear purchased on or after 1st Jan 2018

Customers are entitled to a free upgrade.

S-Gear purchased before 1st Jan 2018

Customers will be able to purchase an upgrade license for USD $29.


Please note: Update emails were sent on 16th January 2020.  If you have not received an email please contact us:

S-Gear v2.9 offers a 10 day trial period. You can evaluate the new version before commmiting to purchase an upgrade.

Please read the S-Gear v2.9 FAQs, the S-Gear v2.9 User Manual and the follwoing upgrade notes.

Important Upgrade Notes:

S-Gear is now 64bit only.

If you need to work with 32bit plug-ins then continue to use S-Gear v2.7

S-Gear Licensing has changed.

S-Gear v2.9 uses a new machine-locked license scheme, the EULA has been updated.

  • Up to three computers can be activated
  • An internet connection is required for initial activation
  • iLOK is no longer supported

Installing the S-Gear VST2 on Windows.

S-Gear still provides a VST2 plug-in for Windows. To use this format you must add the S-Gear VST folder to the list of folders scanned by your DAW.

C:\Program Files\Scuffham Amps\S-Gear_VST\

If you have previously copied the S-Gear v2.7 VST2 to a custom VST folder, make sure to remove the old file (S-Gear2_x64.dll) to avoid errors.

S-Gear now supports VST3 on Windows.

If you are using Cubase (or another Steinberg DAW) then the VST3 plug-in format is recommended. The S-Gear VST3 has been tested with several DAWs.
See the following support note for compatibility information: VST3 DAW Compatibility.

Preset Migration.

Your existing User Presets will be imported into two new S-Gear banks:
User 1 = old presets (000 to 099)
User 2 = old presets (100 to 199)
The following support note describes how to re-run the migration process: How to re-migrate presets from v2.7 into v2.9.

v2.9 User Manual.

The S-Gear v2.9 User Manual provides a comprehensive guide to using and understanding S-Gear.