SFX files greyed-out when importing a preset (MAC)

This applies to moving and importing SFX files on the MAC.

When files are moved using an external drive (like a FAT formatted USB stick), they can sometimes pick up the 'executable' file type. The S-Gear import dialog will then show the files as greyed-out, because it does not recognize the .SFX data file extension.

One solution is to modify the file permissions using Terminal with the steps below.  If you are not confident with typing commands into the Terminal, we have created a simple script file you can run to do the same. Download and unzip this script file into the same folder as your SFX files. Then double click the script file to run the script. Any SFX files in the folder will have their permissions settings corrected.  If you need some assistance, please contact us.


To use Terminal to fix greyed SFX files:

Assuming your SFX file is on the desktop and called something like 'mypreset.sfx':

1) Start a Terminal session,

2) Change to the desktop, type:
cd desktop [ENTER]

3) Now use the 'chmod' command to change the file permissions (to read/write):
chmod 666 mypreset.sfx [ENTER]

That's it. But if your file name has spaces, you would need to enclose it in quotes:
chmod 666 "my preset.sfx"

The file should now be selectable for import into S-Gear.