How to re-migrate presets from v2.7 into v2.9 or later


S-Gear v2.9 now stores User Presets in the computers user data folders rather than common data folders. This requires that old v2.7 presets are imported into the new v2.9 folders.  When S-Gear v2.9 first runs, v2.7 presets should automatically be imported into v2.9.

If necessary this migration process can be re-triggerred with the following steps.

  1. Open the S-Gear PRESETS view
  2. Press Control-A on the keybard
  3. Click the '+' button in Presets Button Bar

The pop-up menu should display an option 'Migrate v2.7 Presets'.  Click this to re-run the migration process.

Two user banks will be created:

User 1 = old presets 000-099
User 2 = old presets 100-199

If the Bank names already exist then unique names will be generated.