Here are two ways to access Factory Presets in S-Gear.

1) Left click on the main preset LCD:



2) Switch the Preset List to display Factory Presets by clicking on the 'FACTORY':


Note: S-Gear factory presets get updated from time-to-time, usually when a new S-Gear module is introduced. New factory presets will NOT overwrite the existing presets in your User Preset slots (000-199). 


To Replace your existing User Presets (000-199) with the S-GEAR Factory Presets (F00-F99), you can do the following:

(Please note:  this process will replace all of your existing User Presets)

1) Close all S-GEAR instances

2) Locate the S-GEAR presets folder:
MAC: /Library/Application Support/Scuffham Amps/S-Gear2/presets
WIN: C:\ProgramData\Scuffham Amps\S-Gear2\presets

3) Delete (or rename) the following files:
directory.sfx, directory.bak, banks.sfx

Your old User Preset files will remain in the S-GEAR presets folder and can be re-imported via the S-GEAR User Interface.  


This problem may be due to folder permissions preventing S-GEAR from reading or writing Preset files.

The following steps should resolve:

1. Uninstall and reinstall S-GEAR using the uninstall script

Use the uninstall script to completely remove S-GEAR from your machine. The script is available from the uninstall support page.

Here is a direct link to the script. http://cdn.scuffhamamps.com/uninstall_sgear.zip

Make sure that your DAW and S-GEAR are closed. Download the zip file and double click to unpack. Double click uninstall_sgear.sh to execute the script. You will need to enter your administrator password to complete the process. The uninstall script will remove and unregister all S-GEAR components. This will completely remove and unregister S-GEAR on the machine.


If the problem persists...

2. Check the permissions on the S-GEAR Application Support folder

/Library/Application Support/Scuffham Amps

Right click and use the 'Get Info' box to add read and write permissions for 'everyone'.

If the above does not help, then rename the folder (as below) and then reinstall S-GEAR. A new folder will be created with correct permissions.

/Library/Application Support/Scuffham Amps-backup

S-GEAR uses this area to store certain data files including all of your User Presets. Creating a new folder would mean that you would need to re-import any of your existing User Presets. You can do this by dragging and dropping the preset files (from your back-up folder) onto the S-GEAR preset list.


This applies to moving and importing SFX files on the MAC.

When files are moved using an external drive (like a FAT formatted USB stick), they can sometimes pick up the 'executable' file type. The S-Gear import dialog will then show the files as greyed-out, because it does not recognize the .SFX data file extension.

One solution is to modify the file permissions using Terminal with the steps below.  If you are not confident with typing commands into the Terminal, we have created a simple script file you can run to do the same. Download and unzip this script file into the same folder as your SFX files. Then double click the script file to run the script. Any SFX files in the folder will have their permissions settings corrected.  If you need some assistance, please contact us.


To use Terminal to fix greyed SFX files:

Assuming your SFX file is on the desktop and called something like 'mypreset.sfx':

1) Start a Terminal session,

2) Change to the desktop, type:
cd desktop [ENTER]

3) Now use the 'chmod' command to change the file permissions (to read/write):
chmod 666 mypreset.sfx [ENTER]

That's it. But if your file name has spaces, you would need to enclose it in quotes:
chmod 666 "my preset.sfx"

The file should now be selectable for import into S-Gear.



To MAC users with a one button mouse...

From S-Gear v2.14, CMD-CLICK will provide the secondary (right-click) mouse function

The secondary mouse function is required for adding and removing S-Gear rack units. It is also used by various lists in the S-Gear user interface.

The track pad can be configured for the secondary mouse function on either two finger clicks, or bottom-right, bottom-left clicks. If this is not already configured, check the trackpad settings in System Preferences.