Known Problems in S-GEAR

This problem affects the S-GEAR VST3 plug-in running with Presonus Studio One v3 on MAC OSX 10.12 and 10.13.


On loading an S-GEAR preset, sometimes the cabinet may fail to load, leaving a blank where the cabinet model should be displayed.  Clicking the ProConvolver to select a cabinet model can lead to a crash.  


The problem is being investigated.  To avoid this problem it is recommended to use the S-GEAR AudioUnit with Presonus Studio One v3.

Using parameter automation with an offline render operation may cause convolver drop-outs, where the processed sound drops to straight-through processing.

To avoid this problem, select the 'Realtime' option in the Logic render configuration.


The problem affects both Logic 9 and 10 (Logic Pro X).


S-GEAR requires some particular settings to be applied in the Fruity Loops wrapper settings:

In wrapper settings on upper left corner of plugin. Make sure the 'Used fixed size buffers' option is highlighted.

This setting is required because the S-GEAR convolver relies on fixed size audio blocks for efficient processing.


This problem affects the S-GEAR machine-locked VST3 plug-in running with Presonus Studio One v3.


If all instances of S-GEAR VST3 plug-in are removed from a project, on attempting to create a new S-GEAR instance the project will crash.


A workaround is to always keep an S-GEAR VST3 plug-in instance in your project.  For example, create an empty track with a bypassed S-GEAR instance.



This problem affects the S-GEAR VST3 machine-locked version running on the MAC.


Closing the DAW project and re-opening can cause a crash, either immediately, or when the DAW is subsequently closed.


A workaround is to close the DAW after closing any project with S-GEAR instances.

This problem affects S-GEAR machine-locked licences. The problem does not occur when running DP8 as a 32bit application.

A workaround is to launch S-Gear locally on the remote machine, S-Gear should then run from the client.

The problem occurs because the SFX preset file permissions only allow read and write access to the user account that created the preset. A workaround is to manually set the file permissions on SFX preset files, allowing read and write permissions for all user accounts. The problem will be addressed in a future update.

S-GEAR v2.70 AAX has some parameters marked automatable when they should not be.  If they are enabled for automation then it can cause problems and prevent cabinet changes applied from the S-GEAR GUI.

A workaround is to open the Automation dialogue for each S-GEAR instance and remove all parameters (CMD-A [remove]), then only add the ones that you need to automate.

A fix will be applied to the next release of S-GEAR.