No audio through S-Gear

On a MAC running macOS 10.14 or later, make sure that S-Gear has permission to access the microphone:

  • Open MAC Preferences->Security and Privacy
  • Make sure that S-Gear is added to thes list of Apps allowed to access the microphone

mac microphone access


Other possible causes of no audio through S-Gear:

  • Check the Left and Right channel enable buttons located beneath the input trim knob on the S-Gear user interface.  If your guitar is plugged into the left channel of a stereo pair, ensure that the left channel enable button is enabled.
  • When using the S-Gear standalone application, check the audio driver settings and audio routing configuration.  On the Audio Device tab, Device status should indicate 'Running' and the Audio Routing tab should be configured with the correct input and output routings according to the selected audio interface.

    For more information on Audio setup, please refer to the Getting Started section in the S-Gear User Manual.

  • When running the S-Gear plug-in in a DAW, disable or remove the S-Gear plug-in and ensure that you have audio through the DAW channel.  If audio disappears when enabling S-Gear, check the following:
    • Try loading a new preset
    • Check the project sample rate: it must be one of 44100, 48000, 88200 or 96000
    • Check that the convolver channels are activated