S-GEAR standalone on the MAC will only recognise devices that report both inputs and outputs.

If you are using an input only device like the Apogee Jam, then you need to create an Aggregate Device using the Apple Audio MIDI Setup utility.


The following Apple support article explains how to set up an Aggregate Device:

The steps are as follows (this may vary a little between different versions of OS X):

> Run Audio MIDI Setup from the Utilities folder.
> Use the '+' button to create an aggregate device, name it something useful by double clicking on the default name.
> Add the external interface as your input device.
> Add something else (i.e. internal speaker) and your output device.
> Make sure the audio settings are the same for input and output.

By creating an aggregate device you can create a virtual audio device with inputs and outputs that you specify. This is useful if you want to use one device as an input and another as an output. The new device should appear as an option in the S-GEAR configuration menu.

Check the Left and Right channel enable buttons located beneath the input trim knob on the S-Gear user interface.  If your guitar is plugged into the left channel of a stereo pair, ensure that the left channel enable button is enabled.


When using the S-Gear Application: check the audio driver settings and audio routing configuration.  On the MAC, click S-Gear->Preferences from the top menu bar.  On Windows, click File->Audio Driver Configuration from the S-Gear menu bar.  On the Audio Device tab, Device status should indicate 'Running' and the Audio Routing tab should be configured with the correct input and output routings according to the selected audio interface.

For more information on Audio setup, please refer to the Getting Started section in the S-Gear User Manual.

When running the S-Gear plug-in in a DAW: Disable or remove the S-Gear plug-in and ensure that you have audio through the DAW channel.  If audio disappears when enabling S-Gear, check the following:

  • Try loading a new preset, was there a problem within the current preset settings?  Perhaps the convolver channels were not activated?
  • Check the project sample rate.  Is it one of the supported S-Gear sample rates 44100, 48000, 88200, 96000?
  • Check the Known Problems section of the troubleshooting guide to see if there are any reported problems specific to your DAW.