Recording with the Wah-Thing pedal

Recording a performance with the WahThing pedal in manual mode requires special consideration.

The normal recording process is to record the raw signal on a track, with the effects processing committed only at the final mix/rendering stage. With a manual Wah Pedal, we need to capture the complete performance including the Wah Pedal movement.  For this, it is recommended to record the  track output including the plug-in processing on the track.

We have created the following support notes explaining how to record the track output for some of the most popular DAW software:

Record a live track with plug-in processing - Reaper
Record a live track with plug-in processing - Logic
Record a live track with plug-in processing - Cubase

Don't use parameter automation to capture the Wah pedal movement.  There are potential problems with automation accuracy and furthermore, many DAWs use variable audio blocksize to apply accurate automation, which is a problem for the S-Gear convolver which requires fixed size audio blocks to avoid artifacts in the rendered audio.