Record a track with plug-in processing - Cubase

1. Create an input audio track (1) for your guitar, add S-Gear to the track, set up your sound and map an expression pedal to Wah Thing. Enable input monitoring to get live audio into this track.

2. Create an Effect track (call it Wah Bus), set the output to 'No Bus', we don't need to hear this bus, it's just for routing.

3. On track one, add a send to 'Wah Bus'. Make the send a 'Pre-Fader' send (useful later for monitoring options).

3. Create another audio track, call it 'Wah Guitar', this track will be used to record the wah-processed guitar. Set the track input to Wah Bus, leave to output mapped to the Stereo Bus for monitoring. Record Enable this track.

That's it, you can now record processed guitar to track 2.

Note: Whilst recording you can monitor the guitar on either track one or track two (the record track). You might prefer to monitor on the record track, since this is also your playback track. To monitor on the record track, set the input track fader to zero and enable input monitor on the record track. Avoid monitoring on both, else your headphone levels will be too high.