Help with licensing

Please use the S-Gear Standalone Application for activation.

The standalone can be launched from the desktop icon on Windows, or from the Applications folder on a MAC.

It may also be necessary to restart your DAW after activation.

If the Activation button remains greyed-out in the Standalone Application on your MAC, please uninstall and reinstall S-Gear, which should resolve the problem.

The following message will appear if the license server has refused your Activation request:


The most likely reason for a refusal is because the maximum number of activations permitted by your license has been exceeded.

S-Gear v3.0 allows up to three simultaneous license activations for your own use.
Earlier versions of S-Gear allow up to two simultaneous license activations.

If you already have the maximum number of machines activated, then you must deactivate a machine before you can activate a new machine.  To deactivate a machine, open the S-Gear 'About' screen on that machine and click 'DEACTIVATE'.

If you are unsure about what machines you have activated, please send us a message via contact including your license key, we will check the records for you and advise.


The following will result in an incomplete S-Gear installation or invalid S-Gear license:

  • Using Apple Time Machine to restore a system image from another machine
  • Using Apple Migration Assistant to copy applications from another machine

These tools are not able to recreate a valid S-Gear license on the new machine.

To fix any problems after running these tools:

  • Close any S-Gear instances and re-run the S-Gear installer
  • Re-activate S-Gear using the License Key sent to you when you purchased S-Gear

If you have lost your license key, please send us a message via contact containing the email address used during purchase.

Note: If you are moving to a new MAC, don't forget to deactivate the license on your old system.  You may not be able to activate your new system if you have exceeded the number of activations permitted by your license. Deactivation is simple and quick, just click the Deactivate button on the S-Gear About screen.  

If you see the following 'failed to communicate' message when attempting a license operation, this indicates that S-Gear was not able to establish a connection to the licensing server.


  • Check that you have internet connectivity
  • Temporarily disable any local firewall running on your machine
  • If you are part of a larger network, consult your network admin or try to connect from a different service provider