S-GEAR in the Slate Digital Bundle

After 31st October 2019 there will be no further renewals of S-GEAR subscription licenses in the Slate Everything Bundle.  If you have a query regarding the expiration date of your license, please check with the Slate Digital support team.

Purchasing a full S-GEAR license

If you decide to purchase a full S-GEAR license then you can do so at any time and you can continue using the same installation of S-GEAR (iLOK) on your machine, just add the full license to your iLOK account.

(Note: S-GEAR is also available using a machine-locked license technology.  For more details of the two licensing schemes see which license scheme).

Is there a discount available to Slate Bundle subscribers?

** S-Gear (iLok) is currently available for $99 as part of our Dark Nights Sale ** -

S-GEAR Presets and DAW sessions

Your S-GEAR presets will be unaffected by reinstalling or relicensing the software. Your DAW sessions should also be unaffected.

How to redeem a new S-GEAR iLOK License

If you purchase an S-GEAR iLOK license, we will send you an activation code which can be used to redeem the S-GEAR license into your iLOK account.  To redeem your license use the iLOK License Manager software and click the 'Redeem' button in the top right corner.



Please contact us if you have any further questions.