Will my Presets and DAW projects be affected by the update?


S-Gear v3 is a direct replacement for earlier versions. Any S-Gear presets created in earlier versions will load correctly and S-Gear plug-in instances in your DAW projects will load with the exact same settings as before.


1. DAW might save plug-in presets to a new location 'S-Gear 3'

The S-Gear plug-in name has changed from 'S-Gear 2' to 'S-Gear 3'.  DAW software often uses the plug-in name to determine the folder location of plug-in presets.  If you use DAW presets rather than the S-Gear preset system, then you may need to copy your existing plug-in presets from the old folder to the new.


2. DAW might not recognise VST2 plug-in

The S-Gear VST2 plug-in name changes from 'S-Gear2_x64.dll' to 'S-Gear3_x64.dll'. Depending on your DAW, this name change may result in older VST2 based projects not recognising the new S-Gear v3.0 VST2 plug-in (we've seen this with Presonus Studio One 5 & 6). If you encounter this problem, a workaround is to create a copy of the S-Gear VST2 plug-in and rename to the previous 'S-Gear2_x64.dll', which should then be recognised by existing projects.


3. v2.7 presets are imported into S-Gear v3.0 banks 'User 1' and 'User 2'

When upgrading to v3.0, any v2.7 presets found on the system will be imported into two new S-Gear banks:
User 1 = old presets (000 to 099)
User 2 = old presets (100 to 199)

The following support note describes how to re-run the migration process:
How to re-migrate presets from v2.7 into v3.0.


4. S-Gear is now 64bit only

If you have 32bit project work in progress, then you should continue to use S-Gear v2.7.