S-GEAR v3.2 Upgrade

If you have a licese for S-Gear v2.9 or later, you can upgrade immediately to S-Gear 3.2, just download and install the new version.

Customers with a license for S-Gear v2.7 or earlier may purchase an upgrade license for USD $39.
To request an upgrade checkout link, please send a message via support and set the subject to 'upgrade request'. Provide the name and email used for your original purchase.

Read the S-Gear v3.2 Upgrade Quickstart Guide

S-Gear v3.2 includes:

  • Wah Thing Pedal

S-Gear v3.1 includes:

  • SG-S Compressor Pedal

S-Gear v3.0 includes:

  • Add S-Gear virtual pedalboard and Drivethru pedal

S-Gear v2.9 includes:

  • Support for HiDPI Displays
  • Scalable GUI
  • Improved Preset management system
  • Redwirez ‘Remastered’ Cabinet options
  • New license system allowing up to 3 machine activations
  • Added VST3 plug-in format on Windows

Please also note:

  • S-Gear v2.9 and later are 64bit only


S-Gear v3 is a direct replacement for earlier versions. Any S-Gear presets created in earlier versions will load correctly and S-Gear plug-in instances in your DAW projects will load with the exact same settings as before.


1. DAW might save plug-in presets to a new location 'S-Gear 3'

The S-Gear plug-in name has changed from 'S-Gear 2' to 'S-Gear 3'.  DAW software often uses the plug-in name to determine the folder location of plug-in presets.  If you use DAW presets rather than the S-Gear preset system, then you may need to copy your existing plug-in presets from the old folder to the new.


2. DAW might not recognise VST2 plug-in

The S-Gear VST2 plug-in name changes from 'S-Gear2_x64.dll' to 'S-Gear3_x64.dll'. Depending on your DAW, this name change may result in older VST2 based projects not recognising the new S-Gear v3.0 VST2 plug-in (we've seen this with Presonus Studio One 5 & 6). If you encounter this problem, a workaround is to create a copy of the S-Gear VST2 plug-in and rename to the previous 'S-Gear2_x64.dll', which should then be recognised by existing projects.


3. v2.7 presets are imported into S-Gear v3.0 banks 'User 1' and 'User 2'

When upgrading to v3.0, any v2.7 presets found on the system will be imported into two new S-Gear banks:
User 1 = old presets (000 to 099)
User 2 = old presets (100 to 199)

The following support note describes how to re-run the migration process:
How to re-migrate presets from v2.7 into v3.0.


4. S-Gear is now 64bit only

If you have 32bit project work in progress, then you should continue to use S-Gear v2.7.

S-Gear v3.2 requires Windows 10, 11 or macOS 10.13 or later.

S-Gear v3.2 (Legacy) requires Windows 10, 11 or macOS 10.10 to 10.12.

  • S-Gear v3.2 allows up to 3 system activations for use of the licensee.
  • S-Gear no longer uses the iLOK system.
  • An internet connection is required for initial activation.

Yes, S-Gear v3.2 offers a 10 day trial period.

We encourage you to take advantage of the trial period before commiting to purchase a license.

Upgrading to v3.2 will not prevent you from using the older version if you still have work in progress and you do not wish to upgrade a system.  Note that it is not possible to use both versions simultaneously on the same computer.  The S-Gear v3.2 installation will replace v2.7 on your computer.

After upgrading, your continued use of v2.7 will be governed by the new v3.2 EULA, that means that the maximum number of machines you can activate at any one time is 3 (three), and only you the license holder can use S-Gear.

If you wish to uninstall S-Gear v3.2 and roll back to v2.7 you can do so.  Your old v2.7 presets will remain.