Can I continue to use my S-Gear v2.7 license?

Upgrading to v2.9 will not prevent you from using the older version if you still have work in progress and you do not wish to upgrade a system.  Note that it is not possible to use both versions simultaneously on the same computer.  The S-Gear v2.9 installation will replace v2.7 on your computer.

After upgrading to v2.9, your continued use of v2.7 will be governed by the new v2.9 EULA, that means that the maximum number of machines you can activate at any one time is 3 (three), and only you the license holder can use S-Gear.

If you wish to uninstall S-Gear v2.9 and roll back to v2.7 you can do so.  Your old v2.7 presets will remain.