Purchase Related Questions

You can buy S-Gear directly from our Webstore.

S-Gear is sold in USD (United States Dollars) only.  We do not provide currency conversion direct from our webstore because we cannot povide a competitive exchange rate.  Your bank is likely to offer a better rate of exchange to your local currency.

For more details please visit the How to Buy page.


No, it is not necessary to register with the website in order to download trial or release versions of S-Gear. From time to time we may post material on the website that is restricted to registered website users.

If you wish to participate in the Forum then you need to register with the website. We request that you provide a username, password, your real name and your email address. We strictly protect your privacy and do not share your details with third parties, or send you any unsolicited emails other than for the purpose of administering the Forum.

If you are resident in the European Union the sale will be subject to VAT.

If you are registered for VAT purposes and based in the European Union, you can provide your VAT number to purchase VAT-free. Insert a tick in the 'Click here if you are a business' box located on our webstore page.

For customers based in the US, your sale may be subject to Sales Tax but this varies according to the particular regulations of your state. Please contact our reseller, cleverbridge AG, for specific queries.

When you purchase a license for S-GEAR, our reseller (Cleverbridge AG) will send a License Key to you via email.

The S-GEAR License Key is an alpha-numeric code that allows you to activate S-GEAR on your computer.  An internet connection is required for License Activation.

The S-GEAR software can be downloaded directly from this website.  S-GEAR does not have different installers for trial and full versions.  If you have already installed the S-GEAR trial, there is no need to download and install another version when you purchase a full license.

For more details on purchasing a License please refer to the How to Buy page.

Our reseller, cleverbridge AG, enables customers to choose from a wide range of payment options including PayPal, wire transfers and credit cards.

For more information about purchasing an S-Gear License please refer to the How to Buy page.

We do not permit license transfer as it is not practical for us to administer and support. If you go ahead with a license transfer regardless, please bear in mind that you would remain the licensee on our Records.

We do not normally offer refunds. To determine whether the software meets your requirements prior to purchase, we encourage you to take advantage of the free trial of the full product.

If you need more time to evaluate the product then please contact us via support.

Yes, we can collect different billing and delivery details, allowing you to purchase an S-Gear license that will be delivered to someone else. The recipient named in the delivery details will become the registered and supported S-Gear licensee.