S-GEAR Licensing

S-GEAR is available with two licensing options, iLok USB key or machine-locked software licenses.  This section of the FAQ discusses the machine-locked licensing scheme.  For a comparison of the two available options, please read which license scheme.

An S-Gear license entitles you to activate and use up to 2 installations of S-Gear.

The activation process registers your installation of S-Gear with us. Online activation is the quickest and simplest method of activation, in fact it requires just one click, and S-Gear will register the installation details using your internet connection.

If you cannot connect your machine to the internet for some reason, then S-Gear also supports an Offline activation process. Offline activation works by you generating a request code and sending it to us. We then send you a response code that will activate S-Gear on your machine.

S-Gear provides a facility to deactivate your licensed installation, allowing you to re-activate on a different machine.

If you have a computer system failure such as a hard drive failure or a motherboard failure, then you may not have had an opportunity to deactivate the S-Gear installation before the computer became inoperable.

Once the system is repaired, you can reinstall and reactivate S-Gear.  In most cases the system will be recognised and the activation will be treated as a reinstallation and will not consume an additional activation from your License Key.  If the re-activation is refused please contact us for assistance.

If you have restored a system image from a backup disk, it is necessary to reinstall and re-activate S-Gear.

You can install an S-Gear update on your machine, without any impact on your current license activation status.

IMPORTANT! – When updating S-Gear, make sure you update any copies of the VST DLL that exist in a non-default location (i.e. if you copied the DLL to your plug-in folder). If you don't do this, then you will get a license error when trying to use the plug-in. To avoid this problem, add the default S-Gear VST folder to your DAW plug-in paths rather than copying the DLL

FlexNet is the license management technology used by S-Gear. It is made by Flexera Software Inc, and is the most widely used software licensing technology. Scuffham Amps chose FlexNet because it provides a cost effective and flexible solution that allows us to deliver and manage software licenses without requiring a hardware dongle.

When you install S-Gear on your system, the licensing part installs two items:

1) A license store called 'Trusted Storage', which is held in a file on your file system. This contains details of your trial license and any full license activations.

On a Windows system, Trusted Storage files are held in the \ProgramData\FLEXnet folder. On a MAC, the Trusted Storage files are held in the /Library/Preferences/FLEXnet Publisher/FLEXnet folder.

2) A service which is used by S-Gear to read the contents of Trusted Storage.

On Windows systems this is installed as a Windows Service. On MAC systems the service is an executable file held in /Library/Application Support/FLEXnet Publisher/Service.

The S-Gear license is bound to your machine; this binding works by reading information such as the CPU serial number, Ethernet address and Hard disk serial number. If one of these identities changes then the license should not be effected. However, if more than one changes, then the licensing solution may no longer recognise the machine and the license will require a repair.

Note: On Windows systems, FlexNet writes an 'anchor' ID to the hard disk track zero region. This can create a conflict with earlier versions of the TrueCrypt Disk encryption software (for more information, see the TrueCrypt website), and the open source GRUB bootloader software.