S-GEAR Licensing

An S-Gear v3.1 license entitles you to activate up to 3 installations of S-Gear for your own use.

Please read the S-Gear End User License Agreement for full terms.

S-Gear provides a facility to deactivate your licensed installation, allowing you to re-activate on a different machine.

If you have a computer system failure such as a hard drive failure or a motherboard failure, then you may not have had an opportunity to deactivate the S-Gear installation before the computer became inoperable.

Once the system is repaired, you can reinstall and reactivate S-Gear.  In most cases the system will be recognised and the activation will be treated as a reinstallation and will not consume an additional activation from your License Key.  If the re-activation is refused please contact us for assistance.

If you have restored a system image from a backup disk, it is necessary to reinstall and re-activate S-Gear.

You can install an S-Gear update on your machine, without any impact on your current license activation status.