"Introduced in S- Gear v2.2, the Wayfarer brings together elements from classic American amp designs. Three channels, several tone shaping switches, an authentic tremolo circuit and a graphic EQ between the preamp and power amp make this a very versatile amp.

The Wayfarer clean channel is pure vintage Fender. Switch the bright voicing for a softer 'Deluxe' sound or a more upfront 'Twin' clean.  Use the Amp Drive control to adjust the amount of power amp drive, taking you from super clean headroom all the way to singing power stage overdrive.

Wayfarer Lead channels build on the tradition of adding additional tube drive stages after the clean preamp. Some of the most versatile American amp designs have been conceived this way.  Lead I is the classic hot-rodded Fender adding one additional tube stage, and producing lovely thick and harmonically rich overdrives.  Lead II kicks in two additional tube stages and offers a more aggressive modern voicing with tons of gain on tap."