"The Stealer is a very versatile Plexi style amp. Back in my days at Marshall Amps, we had an old red Park 75 Head that sounded like no other amp you have ever heard - like an un-tethered wild horse with screaming tones and a great dynamic. My memory of this Park amp serves as an influence for the Stealer.

This is a simple design, keeping the signal path pure in order to extract as much as possible from the guitar pickups. Raw and wild, this amp is at home with Texas blues as it is with classic British rock.

An important design feature is the 'Bright Contour' pot; this lets you tailor the bright slope of the amp independently of the gain, allowing you to push the power amp hard with whatever level of brightness you choose. Raise the bright slope, select the middle pick-up on you Strat, then roll back the guitar tone - you are in serious SRV territory!  On the other hand, plug in a Les Paul, dial back the Bright Contour and enjoy some classic British rock tones."