"Introduced in S-GEAR v2.4, the Custom '57 is inspired by the famous Tweed Amps of the late 50's.

The control line-up is simple and dialling in great vintage tones is effortless and fun.  Rather than stick to a vintage correct tone section, we've included a bright-contour control similar to that found on The Stealer - giving you a huge amount of flexibility from the very simple control section. Like a classic Tweed Deluxe, this amp starts to break up around 4-5, and develops a rich power-amp overdrive when pushed all the way to 12.

The '57 is very responsive to the power-amp tweak controls.  The presence, hi-cut and sag adjustments can really help fine-tune the character of the sound, and with careful matching of speaker cabinet, you can achieve authentic vintage sounds or opt for a more modern speaker to create your own unique tone.

The classic tweed amps of the late 50's and 60's feature on so many great recordings and are much loved for their simplicity and raw tone.  I think we've captured some of that magic with the '57, but above all this, the amp is addictive and fun to play!"