S-Gear v1.0.3 is now available from the Download page.

This next update deals with two issues:

  • Standalone App being incompatible with some ASIO drivers, and
  • S-Gear plug-in crashes Reaper 3.7.x when looping multiple active S-Gear tracks.

Note: if you are updating from v1.0.2 please do not forget to update any copies of the VST DLL.

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Software Amp Simulators by Scuffham

"...even if you already have several amp sims, they [Scuffham's amps] provide an excellent complement because they're not trying to sound like some specific amp."

High-Tech Guitar Effects by Craig Anderton

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Scuffham Amps S-Gear, Computer Music

S-Gear v1.0.2 has just been posted on the Download page.

This release includes the promised MIDI control functionality. You can receive MIDI Program, Bank and Control Change messages. There are 8 controllers which can be assigned to (almost) any S-Gear parameter. The User Manual is being updated right now! so please check back on the support pages tomorrow.

Also in this release: various bug fixes, most importantly we have addressed the crashing issue with Reaper 3.7.x. Please let us know how you get on!

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support in S-Gear... more to come very soon!

S-gear has finally arrived! Can I get a "yee-ha"?

We are absolutely delighted to inform you all that S-Gear is now available for download!
Remember that you get 15 days to try out all the features in S-Gear before you need to commit to buying. Please note that you will be asked go through a quick registration process before being able to run the download.

As you can imagine, we have been busy and there is now several new pages of support documentation and new sections on the website. One new section, called Sounds, features narrative from Jerry Stevenson about the gear he used to make the sound clips and the inspiration behind them. We intend to get our Forum launched shortly - we are keen to hear your thoughts, experiences and musings on everything S-Gear!

Finally, a big Thank You for all your patience - we really appreciate it - and we hope you enjoy S-Gear!

**NEWSFLASH** Release of S-Gear v1.0.1 is imminent! This update will fix a start-up problem with Ableton Live and Reaper re-size issue.

So, we are a few days behind our schedule, but everything is looking good and sounding great. We hope to get the S-Gear release live within the next ten days. Over the next few days we will be adding information to the website support pages to help you get up and running. Please check back soon!

We are delighted to include a selection of speaker impulses from the excellent Redwirez collection, including 1x12", 2x12", 4x10" and 4x12" cabs, ribbon and dynamic mic options and a range of mic placements. Also based on Redwirez research, and a unique feature of Pro Convolver, the 'Z' control allows you to dial in the effect of speaker impedance driven by a traditional tube power amp stage. Adding extra thump and sparkle, and a more scooped mid-range tone, the 'Z' control adds another dimension to the speaker cabinet models.