"...S-Gear has focused on just three highly versatile and responsive amp simulations which gain a lot of tonal flexibility from the cabinet simulations...this is probably one of the best amp simulations I've ever used. A wide range of presets will keep you happy or making your own is super simple too".

Review: Scuffham Amps S-Gear by Toby Pitman in Review, Aug 18 2012

"...the thinking might be that S-Gear is not that versatile. Not true: the differences between those three amps, combined with the solid tweakability of the speaker emulation, means that what you get is access to a really broad range of tones fit to grace any recording".

Scuffham S-Gear by Trevor Curwen, Guitarist Summer 2012 Issue 358

"S-Gear sounds expensive — in a good way...Perhaps the most impressive thing about it is the attention paid to dynamic response and the 'feel factor'... Similar attention has been paid to elements such as the tone controls, which allow you to shape the sound in a very musical and natural way... As is typical of real amps, there's a lot of interaction between the various different controls, which all feel as though they're part of one organic whole rather than acting in isolation...At this price, it's very hard to think of a reason why anyone with a guitar and a computer shouldn't own a copy!"

Scuffham S-Gear - Amp Simulator for MAC OS & Windows by Sam Inglis, Sound on Sound - August 2012

"...you won't grasp how good this sounds, particularly in terms of dynamic response and lack of brittleness, until you try it yourself... You don't need to be a tweaker to use S-Gear 2.0; just dial up presets until you find something you like— and it probably won't take many presets before you do.

Even if you already have a favorite amp sim, given its low cost and quality sound, S-Gear 2.0 adds some wonderful options to your virtual collection of amps and effects...Frankly, I continue to be impressed with S-Gear, and Version 2 hints of even more to come."

Roundup - High-Tech Guitar by Craig Anderton, Electronic Musician - July 2012 issue

"Holy Moly! Mit Version 2.0 seiner Gitarren-Amp-Simulation hat Mike Scuffham erneut mächtig vorgelegt. Durch die konsequente Umsetzung eines individuellen Konzepts, welches gänzlich auf Sound-alike-Clones und klangliche Abziehbildchen verzichtet, entstanden mit den S-Gear-Modellen drei durch und durch authentische Originale, die einen Vergleich mit weitaus kostspieligeren Hardware-Boutique-Verstärkern nicht zu scheuen brauchen. Für meine Begriffe momentan eine der am besten klingenden, wenn nicht die beste virtuelle Gitarrenverstärkerlösung für Bühne und Studio - und das zu einem Preis, der in Relation zum gebotenen Gegenwert und mit Schulterblick auf die Konkurrenz schon fast einer Frechheit gleichkommt."

'Virtuelle Originalität', by Markus Thiel, Sound & Recording 06/12

A new release is now available from the Download page. As well as bug fixes, the ProConvolver channels now offer a channel delay control allowing wide stereo and room ambience effects.

We are pleased to announce the release of S-Gear v2.0! The files are now available from the Download page. The new rack gives you much more control over the effects processing, and it also means in the future we can deploy new rack devices very easily.

Version 2.0 highlights include:

  • Drag & drop flexible effects rack
  • ModThing dedicated modulation processor
  • More MIDI controller options
  • Revised factory presets

For current users moving to v2.0 please read the Upgrade Notes for important info!

"Here, you achieve multiple sounds that are fun to play - from classic rock, to bone dry AC/DC riffs to meaty Volbeat...Even though offering only three amps, S-Gear is highly competitive when it comes to grown up guitar sound from your computer. These amps hit the right tone."

"So erreicht man diverse Klangfarben, die richtig Spaß machen, von klassischem Rock, über knochentrockene AC/DC-Riffs bis hin zu vollmundigen Volbeat-Einlagen...Trotz einer Auswahl von gerade drei Verstärkern zeigt sich S-Gear der Konkurrenz gewachsen, wenn es um ausgewachsenen Gitarrensound aus dem Rechner gilt. Die Verstärker treffen den richtigen Ton."

"Die Software für Puristen', by Ulf Kaiser, Guitar, Ausgabe 3/12 nr.142