"S-Gear est un très bon plugin sobre et efficace qui fait vraiment bien son boulot. Le son de la bestiole est vraiment classe et n'a rien à envier aux autres grands concurrents. Je me pose d'ailleurs des questions sur certaines simulations qui paraissent même supérieures à celle d'autres plugins bien connus."

TEST SCUFFHAM S-GEAR V2.2, by Nicolas Minier - Le 24 Juin 2014.

In 1972 The Gallery opened and for 6 years it ruled as New York City's hottest dance club.  "Love is the Message" is an independent documentary by founder and resident DJ Nicky Siano, taking you inside the club with footage filmed during the clubs heyday 1976-77.

Artist Brad Craig produced several song reproductions for the movie soundtrack, with all guitars recorded using S-GEAR software amps.

City Country Blues - Excerpt from "Love is The Message"

Watch the "Love is the Message" movie trailer.
Visit the "Love is the message" website.

Brad Craig is a highly regarded multi-instrumentalist and producer, Brad records and performs with artists in many genres, as well as doing "solo" recordings, and playing with his own trio "BC3" (Brad Craig Trio).  See more at: http://www.fretman.com/bio/


"Final Verdict...
I first found it difficult to believe a "small" company like Scuffham could really make something that was as good as Internet forum rumor has it. But I am glad that the Internet gives these smaller entrepreneurs the chance to come forward and through various forums reach their target customers and compete with the giants.

S-Gear is, at the time of writing, one of the most authentic digital amp emulators I have played. At a price of USD 99:- it also wins my price for most bang for the buck product of this decade. I give it an extra plus for the incredibly nice reverb Room Thing.

I'm really looking forward to what Michael Scuffham will do next."


"ag hade svårt att förstå att en "liten" uppstickare som Scuffham verkligen kunde åstadkomma något som var så bra som så många på Internet-forum påstått. Det gläder mig att Internet ger dessa mindre entreprenörer chansen att komma fram och via olika forum nå sin målgrupp och slåss mot de stora drakarna.

S-Gear är i skrivande stund en av de mest autentiska digitala förstärkarsimulationerna som jag spelat på. Till priset av 99 US dollar vinner den dessutom mitt pris som årtiondets hittills mest prisvärda produkt. Extra plus också för det makalöst fina reverbet Room Thing.

Jag ser verkligen fram emot vad Michael Scuffham tänker hitta på härnäst."

Scuffham S-Gear 2, by Mats Nermark, Fuzz SE

"The making of a virtual amp…

A virtual amp might be closer to the real thing than you first imagine. The amps found in the Scuffham S-Gear product are original designs created from scratch using traditional electronic representation, i.e. resistors, capacitors and thermionic valves. These components are arranged as amplification and filter stages to create an electronic amp design, which is then transformed into an equivalent software implementation. I cannot say that all virtual amps are made this way, but I can tell you that this is how we do it!"

Virtual Amps for Rookies (special guest Mike Scuffham from Scuffham Amps) January 2014 issue

S-Gear now includes both 32bit and 64bit AAX format plug-ins for ProTools 10 and ProTools 11.

S-Gear AAX plug-in v2.25 and above include the latest ProTools AAX framework providing 32bit capability with ProTools10, and 64bit capability with ProTools 11. Please note, ProTools 10 users will need to upgrade to ProTools 10.3.6 or later in order to load S-Gear.  Please check the the AVID website for the latest ProTools news and updates.

Get the latest released versions of S-Gear from the Scuffham Download page.

S-Gear v2.2 is now supported on Apple's new OS X 10.9 Mavericks.

NOTE: Garage Band on Mavericks will not load the S-Gear AudioUnit plug-in.
Unfortunately, the new version of Garage Band distributed with Mavericks applies new Apple 'Sandbox' restrictions to any AudioUnit plug-in. The concept of Sandboxing an AudioUnit plug-in is new, and Apple only notified developers (under NDA) last month of their intention to apply these restrictions to Logic Pro and Garage Band at 'some point in the future'. This move potentially breaks compatibility with many AudioUnit plug-ins.

In order to use S-Gear with Garage Band on Mavericks OS X 10.9, you will need apply the following workaround.

S-Gear currently works with Logic Pro X 10.0.4 (Mountain Lion and Mavericks).

S-Gear v2.2 is released for Standalone, AudioUnit and VST3 on the MAC, and Standalone and VST2.4 for Windows. This is a free update for existing S-Gear customers.

As well as the new Wayfarer amp, this release also brings loads of other improvements and several bug fixes. For a full list of features and fixes, see this forum post.

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"I can approximate tones with [many] plug-ins however I cannot feel them. S-Gear is unique in this regards. The tone, the response are real."

'Scuffham Amps S-Gear Plug-in/Standalone review', by Mhead, Machinehead, Hell Guitars May 10 2013