Archon was formed in Boston, MA in the Spring of 2014 by David Walker (Bass), David Blitt (Guitar), Jacob Simmons (Vocals), and Zach Sacco (Drums). Drawing from diverse rock and metal influences, Archon delivers a sound that is fresh, yet familiar to fans of all heavy genres. On March 30, 2015 Archon will release their debut EP, Waste You.

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S-GEAR v2.52 is released on 3rd April and is a FREE upgrade for existing customers. This release introduces an updated Graphic EQ for the Wayfarer, adding two new sliders, a low 80Hz and a high 6600Hz.

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S-GEAR v2.5 is released on 27th January and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!  Scuffham has teamed up with Sonuus UK to develop a tuner for inclusion in S-GEAR v2.5.  This release also adds two great new Scuffham measured cabinet options based on a Dumble style 2x12" cabinet along with other improvements and fixes.

Download the new release now and while you are waiting, enjoy this new S-GEAR song by Zabukowski.

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"Turn it up to 12, and I've never before heard an amp simulator that captures so well the wild, hairy, out-of-control output of a Fender Deluxe pushed to destruction."

"S-Gear is so good, and such good value, that it's well worth checking out even if you already have amp simulator software installed."

Scuffham S-GEAR 2.4 - Amp Simulator for MAC OSX and Windows by Sam Inglis, Sound On Sound - October 2014

Franci Zabukovec - aka 'Zabukowski' recently recorded '57 Guns, an original work with musical elements from the traditional Macedonian folk song 'Jovano Jovanke'.  All guitars were recorded with the new Custom '57 amplifier.

Zabukowski writes about '57 Guns:

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S-GEAR v2.4 is released on 15th July 2014 and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!

The release offers a brand new amplifier, the Custom '57, along with an updated ProConvolver offering new cabinet models, updated impulse loader and several other improvements.

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"S-Gear est un très bon plugin sobre et efficace qui fait vraiment bien son boulot. Le son de la bestiole est vraiment classe et n'a rien à envier aux autres grands concurrents. Je me pose d'ailleurs des questions sur certaines simulations qui paraissent même supérieures à celle d'autres plugins bien connus."

TEST SCUFFHAM S-GEAR V2.2, by Nicolas Minier - Le 24 Juin 2014.

In 1972 The Gallery opened and for 6 years it ruled as New York City's hottest dance club.  "Love is the Message" is an independent documentary by founder and resident DJ Nicky Siano, taking you inside the club with footage filmed during the clubs heyday 1976-77.

Artist Brad Craig produced several song reproductions for the movie soundtrack, with all guitars recorded using S-GEAR software amps.

City Country Blues - Excerpt from "Love is The Message"

Watch the "Love is the Message" movie trailer.
Visit the "Love is the message" website.

Brad Craig is a highly regarded multi-instrumentalist and producer, Brad records and performs with artists in many genres, as well as doing "solo" recordings, and playing with his own trio "BC3" (Brad Craig Trio).  See more at: