S-Gear v3.2 is now available and adds vintage wah pedal vibes to the virtual pedalboard!


S-Gear v3 includes a new virtual pedalboard that can host up to eight pedals with high quality 8x oversampled audio processing. Now, the v3.2 relesae adds WahThing, a modelled wah effect based on a vintage ('Cry Baby') Wah pedal. The pedal can be operated using and external expression pedal by mapping a Midi controller to sweep the wah filter.

WahThing is really a lot of fun to play with, to get the full wah pedal experience you need to use and external MIDI expression pedal to control the effect. For those who don't have an expression pedal, 'auto' and 'wave' modes offer dynamic and modulated wah effects with no external control required.

We've created a special WahThing Support Page to help you get up and running easily.