S-Gear v3.0 is now available and includes a virtual pedalboard and our first pedal Drive thru.


The launch of S-Gear v3.0 opens an exciting new chapter in the development of S-Gear with the inclusion of a virtual pedalboard and the Drive thru pedal. The upgrade is free for those with an S-Gear v2.9 license, just download and install. If upgrading from S-Gear v2.7, a discounted upgrade (USD $39) is currently available.

S-Gear's new pedal board runs in an 8x oversampled processing block along with the S-Gear amps, allowing for very high-quality analogue modelled algorithms. The first pedal, Drive thru, is a combination of a classic drive pedal format along with refined modelling of the overdriven stages. The result is a very natural analogue drive which complements the S-Gear amps perfectly.

Please see the S-Gear v3.0 Upgrade FAQ for more information.