Winter NAMM 2018 may have been the biggest and noisiest ever!

It was the first time exhibiting for Scuffham Amps and our booth was located right in the heart of the guitar hall where ambient noise SPL exceeded 100dB much of the time. Basically a hostile playing and listening environment, even with headphones!

Here's our report from the show including news of what to expect form S-GEAR development in 2018... 




NAMM is traditionally a show for dealers and manufacturers to meet and do business. However, it's become a lot more than that in recent years with social media firing up more public interest in the show. For a small company like Scuffham, the attraction of being at NAMM is to connect with musicians, producers and other people working within the musical instrument industry. The show did not disappoint on this level, we had the opportunity to meet and talk with S-GEAR users, discuss guitars, amps, recording, performance and the future of S-GEAR. Very notably it was great to meet Eric Lambert (aka Elambo, long time Scuffham forum moderator and creative director at Earhole studios).

We were fortunate to have two very experienced demo guitarists on the booth in Anaheim, UK based guitarist Jerry Stevenson and NY based guitarist Brad Craig. Both Brad and Jerry have used S-GEAR extensively in session work and on their own projects.


S-GEAR running into a Mission Engineering Gemini managed to cut through the noise, Berklee graduate and awesome guitar talent David Blitt stopped by the booth, grabbed my PRS singlecut and shredded this piece with the Wayfarer...



2016 and 2017 were largely focused on re-development of the core Scuffham Amps modelling technologies, including revisited tube modelling algorithms and more detailed power amp and speaker modelling approaches. The results of this work will be rolled into future Scuffham products.

It became clear that some re-work of the S-GEAR User Interface was necessary before we could introduce any further amps, pedals or rack effects into the product. The latter part of 2017 focused on this revision of the S-GEAR User Interface, responding to much of the feedback we have recieved about the useability of S-GEAR v1 & v2. The results of this UI re-work will be available soon in the form of S-GEAR v2.9.


S-GEAR v2.9 was on preview at the show. This version is scheduled for relesae in the spring and includes a heavily re-worked User Interface built on updated software libraries.

S-GEAR v2.9

Here are some of the improvements to be found in the forthcoming v2.9 :
* Focus on Useabilty and Productivity
* Extended Presets capability with unlimited preset banks
* Side bar view allows full height scrolling of preset and impulse lists
* Drag & drop re-ordering of preset lists
* Drag to import/export presets
* User impulses can be organised into folders
* Larger fonts & other improvements for visibility
* Accessibility features for visually imparied users
* Facotry presets included for all rack devices


You can expect to see one or more maintenance releases of S-GEAR v2 (in the form of v2.8) in the coming weeks - these updates will be free of charge.

S-GEAR v2.9 will be released in the spring, including the User Interface re-work described above. S-GEAR v2.9 will be a free update to anyone who purchased (or purchases) S-GEAR in the 12 months preceeding the v2.9 release. For other customers there will be a small upgrade fee (to be announced).

It is envisioned that S-GEAR v3 will be a new App and Plug-in to incorporate developments in the core amp modelling technology along with other heavily requested features such as drive & compression effects in front of the amp section. Stay tuned!


Thank you to everyone who visited our booth during the show. Meeting face to face with so many S-GEAR users made the show every bit worthwhile.

- Mike Scuffham