Michael Witte celebrates two German record award nominations with his latest album "Der Hase Leben". Michael used S-Gear extensively on the record and talks here about his experiences with the software…

“I guess I have a clear vision of how my guitar should sound. I've used my '79 Fender Deluxe Reverb for recording which is an amp I really love. I don't use many effects, usually some amp reverb and perhaps a little tremolo. Sometimes I record with a mic, sometimes with a Koch Loadbox direct into the Audio Interface - which sounds great. However, changing the recorded guitar sound during the mixing stage is not so easy because I often work at my home studio where I need to keep the volume at 'good-neighbour' levels, so I thought of using an Amp plug-in.

At first this was really frustrating. I tried some of the popular amp-simulations and couldn't dial in a sound that 'felt' right, or even authentic. It was by luck that my search finally led me to the Scuffham Amps page. I installed the demo version of S-Gear and ten minutes later I bought it! I found it so easy to work with, experiment and optimise the settings for my sound. The best part is, that my guitar sound with S-Gear is very much like my Fender used live.

So, for me it was about getting an authentic sound. But also, when I work with guitar students it is great to have the flexibility to create almost every guitar sound. When I switched through the presets for the first time - a famous song came to mind with every preset, that was pure fun!”