Guitarist Carl Moreton is proud to announce his new instrumental album release 'Small White House'. All electric guitars on this album use S-Gear...

"Probably like many guitarists today, I record 98% of my guitar in my home studio using S-Gear. I can’t remember how many years I have been using S-Gear, but the amp & speaker sounds never fail to deliver ‘that’ sound in my head with incredible clarity. Whilst I will have a pretty established idea as to what sound I want for a track or song, it’s just great to be able to tweak the sound, and fine tune if required as the music develops particularly at the mixing stage.

I love the simplicity of S-Gear. Sure, to get the most out of it you ideally need to understand how real amps behave when you play them through different speakers and cabs, but if you do, then using S-Gear will be second nature to you.

I have used S-Gear on all my remote sessions, demos, work with my Small Mercies song writing partner Steve Berrington, and of course my current instrumental solo release, Small White House. Featuring some complex mixes using piano, Keys and Synths, S-Gear really helped my guitars cut through the mix on this album using the stock IRs. They simply work!"