Franci Zabukovec - aka 'Zabukowski' recently recorded '57 Guns, an original work with musical elements from the traditional Macedonian folk song 'Jovano Jovanke'.  All guitars were recorded with the new Custom '57 amplifier.

Zabukowski writes about '57 Guns:

This is a very special song to me – it contains many specific musical elements and it was a real challenge & fun to make. I think it is worth to write down a few interesting facts about it :)

The song is a combination of my authentic work and some elements/variations of the old Macedonian traditional folk song 'Jovano Jovanke'. A well known adaptation of this traditional song comes from the legendary Macedonian guitar guru Vlatko Stefanovski and his band 'Leb i Sol'. Being a huge fan of Vlatko and his work for as long as I remember, it is no surprise that '57 Guns in many parts feels very inspired & influenced by him. At least I hope so :)

You'll immediately notice the unusual 7/8 time signature, which makes the song not only more demanding to play (just ask my drummer, he really did a great job on this one in the studio), but also more attractive and interesting to listen to.

I played all guitars and a bass guitar in my living room ... no kidding !!! How is this possible, some of you may ask? Well, for all guitar work, the excellent Scuffham Amps S-Gear guitar amp simulator plug-in was used. Furthermore, the challenging task was to use only one amp for all duties. As the latest S-Gear v2.4 release contains the brand new Custom '57, it was a logical choice to use it.

As you can hear, the amp was pushed to its limits, covering all kind of stuff with the excellence: clean, crunch, overdrive & heavy. Only factory presets were used with some minor tweaking. Definitively, a small amp with a BIG soul, very dynamic & musical ... uh, I like things being musical =:)

Additionally, Electro Harmonix Q-Tron+ envelope filter pedal was used on some minor parts and Ignite Amps TS-999 overdrive plug-in was used with some 'heavy' solos.  The song was recorded/mixed/mastered with Cubase 7.5/Nuendo 6.5 using a bunch of plug-ins – I won't go further into the details, because it would be beyond the scope of this information.

The following guitars were used:
- G&L S-500 strat (G&L MFD single coils) for clean/crunch parts
- Paul Reed Smith Custom 24 20th Anniversary Edition (humbuckers) for hard & heavy parts/solos
- G&L L-2500 custom shop bass

Drums recorded in studio "Garbage", Ljubljana – studio technician: Drago Popovič
Drummer: Boštjan Vajs
Mix/Master: me & myself :)

Enjoy listening to this one, I really hope you'll like it :)

Franci Zabukovec – Zabukowski