S-GEAR v2.52 is released on 3rd April and is a FREE upgrade for existing customers. This release introduces an updated Graphic EQ for the Wayfarer, adding two new sliders, a low 80Hz and a high 6600Hz.

The new GEQ arrangement brings tremendous flexibility to the Wayfarer, in particular the 80Hz and 240Hz sliders work very well together to balance the bottom end of both clean and driven tones. The new 6600Hz slider allows you to control the top end sparkle or sizzle. 

The Wayfarer GEQ has been specially designed to provide a warm, round frequency shaping without phasing artefacts often associated with GEQs, and the positioning of the GEQ between the pre-amp and power-amp sections is also very important and makes a significant difference compared to simply EQ'ing after the amplifier.  Try the Wayfarer GEQ on clean sounds where you might otherwise have avoided patching in a GEQ.