S-GEAR v2.5 is released on 27th January and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!  Scuffham has teamed up with Sonuus UK to develop a tuner for inclusion in S-GEAR v2.5.  This release also adds two great new Scuffham measured cabinet options based on a Dumble style 2x12" cabinet along with other improvements and fixes.

Download the new release now and while you are waiting, enjoy this new S-GEAR song by Zabukowski.

A tuner! - probably the single most requested feature since we first released S-GEAR. Developing a good tuner is not an easy task and there are several less-than-good tuner products to be found. We knew that adding a Tuner would not be a trivial development and would take some time to get right.  To develop the S-GEAR tuner we teamed-up with pitch detection specialists Sonuus UK. Sonuus provided pitch detection technology, the same used in their highly regarded Audio-to-MIDI and tuner products.  The result is a responsive and accurate tuner which most importantly is easy to use.




  • Ultra fast and accurate pitch detection technology
  • Tuning accuracy to within 1/2 cent, right down to the low bass guitar strings
  • Highly visible analogue style metering with smooth, responsive ballistics
  • Big note indicator

S-GEAR v2.5 adds a boutique 2x12" rear ported cabinet.  For these measurements we acquired a superb Dumble style ported back 2x12" cabinet and measured it with both Alnico Gold and G12-65 speakers (as preferred by Robben Ford and John Mayer).

A new DelayThing Pan control allows you to position mono mode delays in the stereo field.  The feature is useful for creating uncluttered stereo mixes, or using two DelayThing units with different length panned mono delays.

Download the updated S-GEAR v2.5 User Manual.
Get the latest release versions of S-GEAR from the Scuffham Download Page.
Sonuus UK develop professional music products.
'Slow Dance' was composed and recorded by Zabukowski.

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