S-GEAR v2.4 is released on 15th July 2014 and is a free upgrade for existing S-GEAR customers!

The release offers a brand new amplifier, the Custom '57, along with an updated ProConvolver offering new cabinet models, updated impulse loader and several other improvements.


The Custom '57 is the new amp in S-GEAR and is inspired by the favourite Tweed amps from the late '50s. The control line-up is very simple and dialling in great vintage tones is effortless and fun.  See the Custom '57 product page for more information and sound clips.

ProConvolver MKII

In the speaker emulation section we've re-worked the ProConvolver interface with a new layout to improve usability and workflow. The first 'in-house' cabinet models include the popular EVM-12L and G12-65 speakers, as well as a Tweed Deluxe cabinet loaded with Celestion and Weber Alnico speakers making a great match for the Custom '57.

A complete rework of the impulse response import process allows you to drag and drop multiple impulses to S-GEAR. It is now super-easy to import an entire set of Redwirez impulses.


Listen to the full set of Custom '57 demo tracks on SoundCloud.

Get the latest released versions of S-Gear from the Scuffham Download page.


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