S-Gear v2.2 is released for Standalone, AudioUnit and VST3 on the MAC, and Standalone and VST2.4 for Windows. This is a free update for existing S-Gear customers.

As well as the new Wayfarer amp, this release also brings loads of other improvements and several bug fixes. For a full list of features and fixes, see this forum post.


The new Wayfarer amp is easily the most versatile amp we have designed to date. It feels like having a selection of vintage Brown and Blackface Fenders, along with a MK series Boogie all rolled into the same easy to drive amp. The user manual has been updated with full details of the new Wayfarer.

ProTools info:

The 32bit ProTools 10 plug-in will remain available at v2.1 for now - a follow up release will include an AAX2 plug-in with both ProTools 10 and 11 compatibility.