TOPIC: Schottky diodes for variable I-V curve

Schottky diodes for variable I-V curve 1 year 1 month ago #21711

I'm jumping in from another thread on using Schottky diodes with a trim pot to adjust the I-V curve of distortion pedals:

On using trim pots: you could instead use individual resistors on the Schottky diodes if you are concerned about the integrity of a potentiometer in the signal path. I see no reason to use different diode types if that setup can produce more specifically desirable results. You could experiment with pot settings, and then choose your favorite R values for a 3-way switch on each diode for a total of three I-V curves with two Asymmetric options for each curve. The Voltage of Schottky diodes is apparently ~2/3 of a Ge diode, so you'll want to adjust the clean signal level accordingly on pedals that mix the clean signal in. Not sure how that would translate, but a trim pot could be used to determine the desired R value for the mix signal level. I'd think only one R value would be needed as the loudness should average out between the various I-V options, but I can't say for sure.
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