TOPIC: Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic?

Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 2 months ago #13806

I couldn't find this exact question with the forum search so I thought I'd just come out and ask it.

Has anybody here taken an impulse response from an entire rig. Amp, Cabinet and all. and used it in the Pro Convolver with the amp on Bypass? I discovered S-Gear when I started looking into the Kemper, and I was wishing that I could have a pure software solution that could do the same thing as the Kemper.

S-Gear is designed to use Mike's Amp simulators and an IR cab, or modelled cab, I understand that. Wayfarer is my new jam. But if it were possible to take a bunch of IR's of my Rivera Knucklehead and just use my guitar signal straight into the Convolver, and get a result similar to how the Kemper does it's profiles, that would be an amazing thing.

Has anybody played around with this I idea using Scuffham?

Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 2 months ago #13808

Hi Advoc,

This wouldn't work because the impulse response and convolution technology only attempts to reproduce the linear characteristics of the system, not the distortion.

My understanding is that the Kemper uses a hybrid analysis method to analyse the system under test. Other technology like the Acoustica Nebula use multi-dimensional convolution to represent non-linear systems but even this can't reproduce all the harmonics required for a saturated distortion.

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Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 2 months ago #13810

Like you heard nebula cant sample distortion so you your are stuck to clean stuff. And the market for nebula is pretty much dead. There is a few guitar amp samples where the whole chain is sampled. I have the old power amps, power section from tim petherick and cabs from ownhammer that dont sell any more but i use studio devil only preamps for different guitar sounds and it works really good. But there is a lot of tweaking with input and kernels, finding the tails in the samples that works good with cabs etc. But when you have that it sounds awesome. I use two nebula instances one channel that sends into another just for threading and cpu issues in logic. Latency is really low and playable.
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Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 2 months ago #13813

I'll take a look at nebula, just for the sake of curiosity.

I've pretty much decided on S-Gear over the Kemper in any case. Between that, and the U-he Uhbik effects I can do anything I want. Max is so flexible that way.

Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 2 months ago #13817

Sounds like a good setup. All you can use is a post chain limiter to keep peaks from clipping inputs. I like to use the free Nick Crow Lab ‘Tube Driver’ as a limiter/speaker dynamics simulator of sorts. There are well implemented pre and post EQ’s, but a key thing to understand is the Bias knob. Above 5, it reduces even harmonics while sharpening the gain S-curve for a more crisp distortion when driven hard. Below 5, it increases even harmonics while smoothing the S-curve for more gain compression and richness. 5 sounds the most natural to me, but lower settings are good for leveling the attack to sustain balance. I generally use 1~2dB Drive for some subtle signal leveling. I like it better than a compressor/limiter because it catches the initial peaks and doesn’t increase the overall signal level when you play softly, so it won’t clip the output if you suddenly play harder again - - great for more dynamic clean sounds. It can also add some nice meat and hair at higher Drive settings. It’s really just a high quality tube amp sim with some very useful features.

I posted a few comparison mp3’s with and without the Tube Driver set up as a signal leveler. There is actually up to ~20% THD in the processed file, but it’s smooth enough that you can hardly tell. I set the Bias down to 1, and the drive at +10dB. The loudness is much more even, but it doesn’t sound like the signal is compressed:
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Bypass Amp, Use IR for Amp/cab/mic? 6 years 1 month ago #14000

The Nick Crow Lab ‘Tube Driver’ was a nice tip, It adds a subtle amount of character and grit to the final sound. Thanks GCKelloch.
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