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Authentic JTM45 sound 2 years 9 months ago #23037

Hello everyone. It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here but I found something that I think should be share.

Between all the amps ever created, my 2 favorites are thé Fenser Bassman and especially it’s evil twin, the Marshall JTM45.

With the Stealer on S-Gear, you can have very nice tone but this is not a JTM45 like sound. If you listen JTM45 on YouTube or on tracks, you can arrive at this conclusion rellu rapidly.

Considering the JTM45 is a modded vintage Fender (that’s what Jim Marshall did back in the days), and considering the Custom 57 is a really nice vintage fender simulation, I ask myself if I could do something with that to recreate a JTM45 sound.

So, I do this : Custom 57 amp with volume at full, and 2 BasketWeave 4*12 on the speakers section. Then dial the gain with the volume on the guitars like a lot of players already do.

This is an insanity. I fell in love with this! It’s soooo close to what I can hear on Back In Black album when I play it with my SG. Plus, this configuration is much simple to set than the Stealer amp.

I really encourage you to try this trick and tell me what you think about it. Maybe it’s already known by a lot of you, but this have been a great game changer for me.

I’m waiting for your return.
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Authentic JTM45 sound 2 years 9 months ago #23041

Thanks for posting, this is a excellent tip that everyone should try out :thumbs up:

Also when you do this, the bright control becomes super sensitive for dialing different character.

Takes a few little adjustments to configure the output levels to avoid clipping, but well worth the effort tweaking.

It'd be fun to make a 'Jim & Terry Marshall' inspired amp. Those amps are super dynamic and (in real life) you have to use the guitar volume to keep things under control.

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Authentic JTM45 sound 2 years 9 months ago #23043

Thanks for the tip -- I'll definitely give it a go. Full gain on the amp and 20% volume from the guitar is a method I use with Vox amps pretty often and with great success. I'm sure this will be very useful, too.
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