TOPIC: Boxing S-Gear

Boxing S-Gear 9 months 1 week ago #24925

Neural DSP boxed its plugins into Quad Cortex. Is there a chance to box S-Gear into a floor device in the (near) future? I've bought a few guitar sims, but I always use only S-Gear. However, it would be fantastic to use it in live situations as well.

Boxing S-Gear 6 months 5 days ago #25055

I don't think Neural have managed this yet as each plugin needs to be rewritten to run on QC.
QC could box a few S-Gear sounds by capture, or Tonex etc via their call their process. You lose native S-Gear functionality but reduce crash anxiety. I think many here play live with a laptop and floor controller, optional is to hide it all behind a cardboard cutout of a favourite valve amp :)
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