TOPIC: Need a little help with dialing in a Robben Ford tone

Need a little help with dialing in a Robben Ford tone 4 weeks 1 day ago #24754

Hi everybody, hope all is well.

Like everybody, I was blown away by the tones you can get with the Scuffham amps, actually insane sounds that you can dial in pretty well and to you liking.

I am new to the use of Scuffham amps and I tried dialing in an overdriven RF tone that's similar to the "Talk to your daughter" album or similar to this video:

Now I tried my hardest using the base "that's is MISTER Robben Ford for you" preset, used different resources from forums, YouTube videos, and I think I've come a bit close but I am not satisfied with it, and I am certain I can get there with a little bit of tweaking, it's just that I am not really familiar with the settings and EQ, reverb and cabs I should use. If anybody would volunteer to dial it in a bit using the preset I will attach. Please be free to edit it in however way you want.

I hope this thread can get a lot of people interested in chiming in with their editing and what they think sounds best.

Lastly, thanks a lot Mike for this amazing piece of software. Literally losing sleep over how much I can't put it down.
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