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George Lynch - Tone Sculpting 1 week 3 days ago #24453

Hello everyone, new to the forum.

I've been using S-Gear for the better part of a year, and recently updated to their newest patch. For the most part I've been pretty content just using the factory presets, but lately wanted to dive in to creating my own. I used the search function but didn't seem to have any luck pulling up any posts related to George Lynch and his guitar tones (Lynch Fan).

Was just curious about how others approach their tone sculpting process and how I should start in regards to emulating his guitar tones in the program. There's a lot of parameters to adjust in the software and it all seems a bit overwhelming. Of course any decent results I'll be more than happy for everyone else here on the forum. Thanks!
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George Lynch - Tone Sculpting 1 week 3 days ago #24454

Lynch in the 80`s was using Marshall Plexis,in the 90`S he was using Soldano amps,he like to use Greenback speakers,but i say Lynch tone is in his fingers,he can use any amp and still sound like him
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