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5 presets for the Duke.

Amp A Clean
Amp B Overdrive

I spent time on these with my Strat and SG. I think they are good to go on both.

Some time is spent tweaking with headphones trying to compensate for my rooms acoustics. I am continually amazed at how good a simulator like S-Gear can sound at low volume over headphones.

A good pair of studio monitors moving a lot of air is also very satisfying. :cheer:

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Just the Duke 1 month 3 weeks ago #22659

Additional Note:

At the bottom of S-Gear there are two Channel Select Buttons. I leave both buttons selected so that S-Gear sees a mono guitar and does not double it to both channels. This effects the sound in a number of ways because the signal that is hitting the amp is lower and the guitar is mono in a stereo environment (at least that is what I think is happening) which appeals to me. The state of the Channel Select Buttons is not saved with the preset so to hear the preset the way I hear it select both L and R channels.

Just the Duke 1 month 3 weeks ago #22665

One More Thing

The previous post works for the stand alone version.

To do this while playing the plug-in version of S-Gear create a Stereo Audio Track even though the guitar is plugged into only a single input in your audio interface. Place S-Gear in the track, once again leaving both L and R channels selected. The Guitar going into the Amp will be Mono but all the effects, Convolver, Delays, etc... will be in Stereo and will playback/monitor that way.

[Edit] One last observation for those of us using PreSonus Studio One 5. S-Gear works in Green Z Low Latency but when using this feature I believe the paragraph above is moot. I have tested two computers and two audio interfaces and in both cases no matter what state the L and R channel buttons were in only a Mono signal is Input to the Amp. This is the case even if neither channel is selected. I will now do my very best to close this before it becomes a book..
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