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TOPIC: Beautiful CLEAN Presets (JohnnyA?)

Beautiful CLEAN Presets (JohnnyA?) 3 months 4 weeks ago #22168

Amp - Wayfarer, Twin Setting

Use the Level knob to boost the overall output into the Rack VU without clipping if you wish to keep both Gain low and Amp Drive low. Otherwise, experiment with more Gain, less Amp Drive, vice versa or work off the American Clean Preset.

Speakers -
California Combo SL12 - EVM12L speaker is well known for its three dimensional sound projection and excellent balance of bright clean and warm overdriven sounds.

2x12” Special Ported Cab – Alnico Gold - Two Rock Crystal 2x12” cabinet loaded with Alnico Gold drivers

2x12” Special Ported Cab S12-65 -Two Rock Crystal 2x12” cabinet loaded with Celestion G12-65s - The 2x12” Dumble design with with G12-65 drivers as preferred by Robben Ford and John Mayer.

Mics -
Experiment with the 57, 121 or a combination of both using one in each slot.

57 - bright, mid focused
121 - fuller frequency, more bass
or 160 - I feel that this can sometimes be in between the 57 and 121.

Other Considerations

The Wayfarers Eq can be used to cut mids which could result in greater headroom.

Watch your input levels, turn up your monitors if too quiet.

Choice of pickup.

3rd Party IR's that have greater mic options & alternative speaker types. Own Hammer Deluxe comes to mind. Possibly some other alternative EVM IR's.

Don't run too hot into the Rack VU.
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