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"Drippy" Reverb Surf sound 3 months 1 week ago #20547

Can anyone help me to use the reverb options in the "Room Thing" to produce a "drippy" reverb that is used in Surf music. Drip is a ping sound heard in a spring reverb when a percussive note is played. One of the best drippy reverb pedals is the Boss FRV-1 and I would like to emulate the sound in S-Gear if possible. I look forward to other forum members who share my enthusiasm for this "surf" sound contributing to my quest.

"Drippy" Reverb Surf sound 3 months 6 days ago #20563

I haven't been able to get a coax a drippy spring verb out of S-Gear, or any of my amp sim reverbs for that matter. I think your best bet would be a dedicated spring like Softube's Spring Reverb, but it'll cost you $50.
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"Drippy" Reverb Surf sound 2 months 6 days ago #20652

I'm trying out more styles with my strat, and surf is something new to me. TBH I had never heard the term 'drip'. Hearing a few demos of reverb pedals online I now know what you mean. In addition to the Softube plugin, I can also get the drip in Audiority's Xenoverb plugin. I was playing around with the 'Gasoline Tank' preset with the Mix lowered to 25%. I seem to be harping on about this company a bit lately, but I enjoy all their plugins.
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"Drippy" Reverb Surf sound 2 weeks 4 days ago #21055

Try the reverb before the pro convolver. It will make the reverb more lively.
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