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She Sells Sanctuary - The Cult 8 months 1 week ago #19322

Just learned how to play She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult & have been trying for the last couple of days to get the tone with limited success. I'm still very pleased with what I have so far [all credit to S-Gear] but would be interested to see if anyone could dial it in & maybe post the preset here.

The Intro uses digital delay of around 215ms with about 20% feedback [repeats] & a phaser with a slow phase effect & plenty of resonance.
At the 19 second mark turn off the delay & phaser & use a heavy crunch overdrive with a little reverb.

I have this song written out note-for-note with a backing track. If anyone is interested I could sent it to you & you can try your hand at it [PM me]. The song is not very hard to play but it's very effective in it's simplicity. Awesome piece!

:) Holly :)
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