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brown sugar - 70s ZZ Top 2 years 9 months ago #18748

This is a sound I use to get me from ZZ Top's First Album through Fandango! The sound leans more toward the higher gain remixed and reamped "6 Pack" versions of these albums than the lower gain originals or later remasters.

The preset has the Park as Amp A and the '57 Classic as Amp B. As there's much debate about what amps Billy used on those albums, I thought it was appropriate to use both a Marshall and tweed amps. Personally I prefer Amp B, the '57 Classic, with its clear highs and monster bottom end.

The second speaker IR is Celestion's "G12M Creambk 412 C Hi-Gn 421+57 Celestion."

I've been on a strat kick lately, so I generally run a Keeley Compressor + in front in order to give the signal some boost and compression and take a little edge off.
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brown sugar - 70s ZZ Top 5 months 5 hours ago #22555

Just stumbled upon this and as the Rev. Billy would say...have mercy. Both Amps A + B are certifiably dipped in honey. Two big thumbs up, brother. Please share more if you have any.
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Glad you enjoyed!
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