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Preset management 3 weeks 4 days ago #25459

Hello Mike, I love S-Gear and use it a lot - I'm using it exclusively to re-amp guitar tracks right now for an album I'm mixing.

What I would wish for most is more robust preset management tools - I am accumulating a lot of presets (many coming from the good hard work of forum members - thank you, all!). For example, an alphabetical sort function (although, an undo, or savable sort orders would be very useful so a custom sort order is not accidentally lost). Also, the ability to select, copy, paste, move multiple presets at once would be very useful. Beyond that, the ability to merge banks, and to create new banks from a selection of presets would be very useful as well.

Adding: a warning when a preset or bank is about to be replaced, and maybe a preference to move presets down rather than deleting when adding a preset in an arbitrary spot in a bank?

Adding more: a search function?


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Preset management 3 weeks 1 day ago #25465

piggybacking on this I have two suggestions:

1: favoriting a preset and then letting us scroll only thru favorites

2: tagging presets would help when we're looking for a certain type of sound and want to see them all in once place instead of happing through banks or scrolling thru a list. For display, offering the tags to look thru all banks or just the current bank would be a helpful feature.
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