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My wish-Suggestion list 1 year 2 months ago #23854

Hi guys,

I spent over 4-6 hours studying the S-Gear plugin as I am making a video about it using Logic Pro.

I used the plugin alliance yellowdrive as its the best Boss sd1 asymmetrical clipping type sim.,

What I found out about the S-Gear is that I prefer the Plugin Alliance yellow drive for more gain and Logic Pro's noise gate, I dont know why but when there is gain turned up the S-gear noise gate is weak, same with the Thru-Drive, its balanced and all but not driving as much gain as the Plugin alliance yellowdrive.

atm I think a better noise gate and more pedals including (tube) pedal preamp options before the amp is all I would add, if anything else it seems that while the name is simple I personally prefer "Scuffham Amps" as the name for the sim then S-Gear., but thats me..the l logo just looks better with the Scuffham, reminds me of older Marshall and Fender fonts, blended combo.

I will add more info in the near future as im still checking this demo out.
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My wish-Suggestion list 1 year 2 months ago #23895

I’m always looking for a really good Echoplex model perhaps with a low noise option. Nobody has really nailed it yet. It would need to be able to use midi controllers to simulate moving the head manually.
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My wish-Suggestion list 1 year 1 month ago #23945

Great to see support for pedals in 3.0.2. Here's my wishlist:

1. Octaver - basic pitch shift
2. Univibe - add tremolo to any amp
3. EQ
4. Reverb like Valhalla (they have a cool / free VST)
5. Stereo Expander (I like Wider)

Are you planning on providing an SDK for plugin devs to use to support S-Gear?

thanks for the great work Mike.
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My wish-Suggestion list 1 year 1 month ago #23949

widening is superb in the convolver! try this setting
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