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A VST Host Thing 1 week 5 days ago #23222

This is already pretty good but it would be miles ahead if a "VST host thing" was included. I could then insert any of my other VST effects into the signal chain. Ideally at least 2 instances so that stuff could go before or after the amp. It can be done by loading 2 instances of S-gear (one holding just the amp and another the IR loader etc) with whatever I want before 1, and between 1 and 2, but it's not elegant. Go on.... you know it makes sense.
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A VST Host Thing 2 days 7 hours ago #23237

This would be really cool. There are lots of great pedal VST's out there like Rats, screamers, etc. and some really great other modulation effects, like the Wampler Terraform that it would be great to have an "effects loop" for other VST's.
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A VST Host Thing 1 day 9 hours ago #23238

I know it sounds appealing, but doing something like this could end up a support nightmare - dealing with issues that come up with plugins that is outside of Mike’s control. And all the ‘but it works in DAW xyz…”.

There are many great options out there for hosting plugins, some of which are designed for live performance and so already allow the combining of S-Gear with great third party plugins.

As a one-person development team (afaik) I would much rather time is spent on developing new/improved Scuffham-designed Things than tracking down/fixing issues arising from the huge number of plugins that people would want to try and use in a Plugin Thing.
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A VST Host Thing 1 day 2 hours ago #23239

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