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my three cents 2 years 5 months ago #22762

1) It would be nice to have some kind of layout that would enable the fonts to be more legible on a typical 13" laptop screen. It's hard to stack everything in vertically on a laptop screen. The fonts have to be very small. There's much more room horizontally. Maybe consider the option of some kind of horizontal layout. Why not something like a horizontal helix style layout with the ability to have rows of user-defined horizontal blocks so that you're making use of the entire screen? Let the user decide how things will be configured on the screen. Maybe the user can stack different components vertically in the user-defined blocks. Also, something that would enable the user to change font size would be nice.

2) It would be nice to have a more stable tuner. A strobe tuner readout like my Turbo Tuner would be sweet. That one is very stable and accurate.

3). Headphone optimization. In these forums I've read about various headphone plugins people load in their DAWs that improve the headphone sound. Something like this in the standalone app would be nice.

Bonus - we need an S-Gear Iridium-style device!

Thanks Mike!
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