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iPad version 8 months 3 weeks ago #22599

I wish there was an iPad version for live use. With todays live solutions like Xtone pedals, Melo Audio, it would be great to have a great iPad amp sim to use live. I don't like any currently available iPad amp sim. S-gear is the very best IMHO.
Not everyone, specially in emerging countries, has money to have a great laptop or Mac to play live on stage. An iPad is more affordable and great solution as one could use the same iPad to run S-gear and display music charts
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Good to see I'm not alone with this wish! :)
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I use an iPad for live gigs (when there was such a thing) and would love to run Sgear on it if I could. I have always used hardware amps & modelers, but I would love to try an amp sim live with some kind of controller, someday. iPad would be more practical for me as I currently use an iMac and dragging that out would be a real PITA.

iPad version 8 months 21 hours ago #22669

One reason there are lots of quality amp sims on the Mac and PC, but few (none?) on the iPad may be due to processing power. I've noticed on my iPad (a newer one) that with virtual instruments and amp sims that sound premium, latency is sometimes problematic.
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Newest album "Strange Tales" now available! S-Gear used throughout the production.
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