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I’ve been using S-Gear for the last 4 years or so and am continually amazed by its versatility, authenticity and overall just how much fun it is to play through. A big ‘thank you’ to Mike S. for writing, maintaining and extending such an amazing piece of software. In my book, it’s sort of like the Photoshop of guitar, if you will. Or like what Roon is to music listening. If I’m not playing through my small collection of combo amps, I’m playing through S-Gear. Period. I try everything that comes out, like I imagine most of us do, but I always (always!) come back to S-Gear. And it’s made the last 11 months or so a heck of a lot more bearable being stuck inside my little apartment in Brooklyn. So Mike, again, THANK YOU!

It’s tough to follow all the threads about what should be in the next or future versions, so I thought I’d just add my $0.02 as a non-gigging player who uses S-Gear first and foremost to maintain my sanity but also as well for recording and sharing/collaborating on guitar parts with friends near and far. With all of the above in mind, I present my top 3 feature requests for what is already – far and away – the best electric guitar software of any kind ever made:

1) S-Gear needs an in-built function to high- and low-pass the signal coming out of it. Yeah, there are a ton of solutions and plugins for this (I own many), but ‘it would be great if’ S-Gear did this natively. This is one of the only things, really, keeping me from using the standalone version for casual playing (which in addition to being a lovely, simple thing to launch and get into, vastly reduces overhead and latency vs. something like even Mainstage, let alone a full DAW).

2) We need an ‘Overdrive Thing’ to put in front of the amp block. Like many, I find that pedals generally go great in front of S-Gear. And goosing the input gain, at the interface and/or in S-Gear, is great but there’s always the rub about gain-staging and input clipping in the back of my mind. A few tasteful, toneful Mike S. interpretations of the most popular overdrive circuits would go down ‘a bloody treat’ as they say, and would really help complete the picture as far as overdrive sounds. A certain ‘esoteric drive pedal’, as included in the Duke model (but de-coupled from it and applicable to all) would be a great place to start, along with a TS-808 (or TS9, TS10 -- take your pick) and perhaps something along the lines of a Blues Driver or Mk I Guv’nor. That would about cover it, no?

3) Multiple Pro Convolver blocks in parallel — OR just two additional IR ‘slots’. It’s frustrating not being able to a) mix the captive S-Gear IRs with my own (vast, ever-growing) collection of third-party IRs (understanding that there might be phasing issues) and/or b) set up (at minimum) a mix of 4 distinct IRs. Many Fender-y sounds really “level up” when Celestions of some stripe/description are mixed in with their amp- and period-correct cabs/speakers. If you want a 57 and a 121 on both, with independently settable levels, you really do need 4 slots at least.

So these are my top three. Notice that I haven’t asked for a whole amp, or the ability to host external VSTs. Sure, it would be lovely to have an additional model to play with. But it would also be great to be able to load spatial IRs into Room Thing and to have both HRTF (crossfeed) and some kind of HTRC eq support for headphone monitoring. And I feel like we 'deserve' Wayfarer’s tremolo block for all of the amps (Trem Thing?). I’m happy enough with the currently available models (though I dream of what a ‘Mike S.’ AC30 would be like), but to me it’s more these ancillary features that would contribute most to S-Gear’s already substantial, and evolving, completeness.
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Thanks for the kind comments and suggestions :thumbs up:
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If I do not use S-gear I miss it! A lot! I really would like to see more effects and definitely a WAH thing
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